Blake – The Blakelands Bear

Bertie and Blake are the Blakelands Bears. They live at Blakelands along with the other animals and their brothers. They originally emigrated from ‘Guernsey’.

Blake can be ‘adopted’ from our Reception and be given as a gift to guests on your Wedding Day

Since Blake first arrived at Blakelands in 1997, over 500 of his cousins have been adopted by guests visiting us, and as well as his current relatives that are here.
Blake’s cousins are 27 centimetres tall, they now wear our blue hoodie embroidered with our name and comply to BS5665 and E.U. Safety Standard EN71.

Adopt a Blake Today, a steal at just £11.00 each.

Bertie the Blakelands Bear

"Take me home and love me forever, I will be forever yours"


 Bertie cannot be adopted. Bertie is a gift to every couple that gets married with us here at Blakelands.

Bertie’s are all 40 centimeters tall, and they wear our blue hoodie embroidered with our name and a heart.

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