The Food


Concentrating on an English style menu with large freshly cooked portions, everything we do is prepared here, all our soups, pate’s and sauces are freshly made, & we make & bake our own puddings, when the season permits with apples & fruits from our own well established gardens.

The Menus are centred around firm favourites such as Steak, Duck, Chicken and Fish, along with vegetarian selections, and change along with the seasons.

Currently, through January and February, our chefs are operating Special Menus that change on a weekly basis, the only exception to this is the speical menus as follows:

 Mothering Sunday, Easter Sunday & Fathers Day 

 Restaurant Standard Menus from March 1st to July 1st: 

Evening Menu 1st March to 1st July

Sunday Menu 1st March to 1st July

Parties and such can be found on the relevant pages of the site.

Thank you for viewing them & we look forward to seeing you in the Restaurant soon.