Seating Plans

Our most popular seating plans are all here to help you with the task of choosing where to sit your guests, our tables are suitable for up to 10 guests, with room on the ends for high chairs should they be needed.

If you need any help or guidance on which plan to use, please call us & we will be happy to assist.

Seating Plans A are with Top Table set at the top of the room.

Seating Plans B are with Top Table set lengthways on the side of the room.

Seating Plans H are alternative seating plans you may wish to consider.


 Seating Plan A 60 guests

 Seating Plan A1 70 guests

 Seating Plan A2 80 guests

Seating Plan A3 90 guests

  Seating Plan B 38 guests

 Seating Plan B1 48 guests

 Seating Plan B2 58 guests

 Seating Plan B3 68 guests


 Seating Plan H 80 guests

 Seating Plan H1 80 guests

 Seating Plan H2 60 guests